meltlilith 01

Meltlilith (voiced by Saori Hayami) is the last of three Sakura Matou lookalikes to be introduced in Type-Moon and Imageepoch’s forthcoming PSP JRPG Fate/Extra CCC, and in terms of personality she is the exact opposite of Passionlip the pacifist.

Come to think of it, that much should have been obvious the moment back when Meltlilith’s character illustrations were first revealed – she’s got sharp, pointed needles for legs, for cripes’ sake! Whatever the hell does she need that for?

“Do you feel like submitting yourself wholeheartedly to me? I’m asking you, yes or no? Would you rather be in heaven or hell?” Meltlilith asks in a cold, refined, and slightly holier-than-thou voice

“Tell me. Depending on your answer, I may or may not think about the fun things we’ll do after dinner,” Meltlilith she goes on. There’s almost a tinge of nobility in her voice.

But her true colours only emerge when she gets to talking about what she’ll do to an opponent. She lets her sadistic intentions seep into her voice. You can almost hear ecstasy.

“To be able to utterly and completely obliterate a detestable enemy, honestly I can never get enough of that senstation. It’s like tearing off the wings of a little bird.”

You, too, can submit yourself to Meltlilith’s… sadistic tendencies, when Fate/Extra CCC (PSP) comes out on March 28 in Japan.


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