Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home story

Last month, we were teased with a short clip of Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home, but we heard nothing about the plot of the movie.

Finally, a new movie listing has revealed the story of the upcoming anime film.

The story of the HSH anime film (according the listing) goes like this: Ohana is getting used to her lifestyle in Kissuisou, the hot springs resort managed by her grandmother. One day, the successor of Kissuisou’s rival inn, Yuina, arrives at Kissuisou to learn how to become a landlady. As Ohana watches Yuina in training, she discovers -a certain item- while cleaning up the storage room.

Now, most people who have watched the entire series are probably assuming (or hoping) that the upcoming movie will be an epilogue—something that shows us what happens to Ohana Matsumae [SPOILER ALERT] after her grandmother closed down the Taishou era hot springs inn, Kissuisou.

Unfortunately, it won’t be as we expect it to be. Based on the summary provided by the listing, the film takes place at a time when Ohana is getting used to her life in Kissuisou.

Here’s a short recap on what happened in the series:

The story revolves around Ohana, a teenager living with her single-parent mother in Tokyo. She was left under her estranged grandmother’s care after her mother decides to elope with a boyfriend. She arrives at Kissuisou and discovers that the hot springs inn is owned and managed by her grandmother.

Ohana starts working at Kissuisou at her grandmother’s imposition. Although she tries her best, things don’t run smoothly for her. She is at odds with the customers and her fellow employees.

Ohana becomes disheartened at first, but eventually sees all the hardships as opportunities to make herself better. She works harder to improve her relationship with her co-workers and for a brighter future.

While the movie may not be an epilogue of the TV anime like what fans expected, do not be too disappointed. The series, after all, ended in a satisfying manner. Plus, if you’re fond of Yuina Wakura (Ohana’s dialect switching friend), the HSH movie is gradually shaping up to be something fans can eagerly anticipate.

Hanasaku Iroha Home Sweet Home plot

Sources: @ultimatemegax via Crunchyroll


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