The Japan Red Cross Association’s blood donation drive at Comic Market 83, where attendees who stopped by to do a good deed were rewarded with exclusive not-for-sale memorabilia, was a huge success. Never mind the actions of a few unscrupulous folks who decided to sully the act of good faith by auctioning off the Red Cross Association’s humble token of appreciation to the highest bidders online for money.

In fact, so successful was the donation drive that the Red Cross Association has decided to do it again, this time tying up with Kyoto Animation’s well-loved anime series of 2012, Hyouka.

Details for the new anime-themed donation drive have not yet been finalised, but the Japan Red Cross Association is planning to run the new drive sometime in late January.

Anime fans who head on down to a yet-unspecified location to donate their blood will receive an exclusive “Hyouka X Blood Donation” poster (氷菓×献血のポスター).

Better yet, if two or more such anime fans come down to the location in a group, all blood donors in the group will also receive a bonus “Hyouka X Blood Donation” clear file (氷菓×献血のクリアファイル), on top of the poster.

The designs for the Hyouka X Blood Donation poster and clear file will be unveiled at a later date.

blood donation

Although at the end of the day, there will always be people who feel that if they make the time and effort to go down and donate a few pints of their precious, noble blood, then they’re entitled to do whatever the hell they want with the token of appreciation from Red Cross or any other similar organisations – including auctioning these exclusive posters off for untold amounts of fortunes, here at SGCafe we sincerely hope that those anime fans will search their conscience and realise that donating blood to save lives is for a good cause.

After all, the Japan Red Cross Association has to expense huge amounts of money to get these posters and clear files made, but they feel, too, that it is for a good cause: to make a couple of anime fans happy. I believe the standard practice at blood donation drives in most countries is simply to provide donors with a cookie or some sort of treat to replenish any blood sugars lost.

The very least that those lucky anime fans can do is to give out the posters to someone who wants – nay, to someone who needs it – if they truly have no use for the free anime character goods.

They should give it out to someone who needs the poster or clear file, in the same manner that their blood may one day be potentially transfused to a less fortunate anime fan (or anyone, really) needing it while on the brink of death.

岐阜県赤十字血液センター 『血液センターからのお知らせ』


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