Anisong artiste Kalafina has a new album in the works, the group’s production staff announced today on their official blog. Entitled Consolation, the new release will be the group’s fourth original album, and is slated to hit music stores in Japan March 20.

On top of new tracks, Consolation will feature several of Kalafina’s recent hit singles, including Hikarifuru (ひかりふる) the theme song to the Madoka Magica movie parts 1 & 2, to the beginning (OP theme for Fate/Zero), and moonfesta~ムーンフェスタ~ which was featured on NHK’s long-running music television programme Minna no Uta (みんなのうた).

The limited first-print edition of the new album will come with your choice of either a DVD or a Blu-ray disc containing a video clip for Kalafina’s new song Yume no Daichi (夢の大地 which translates to “The Land of Our Dreams“) as it is seen and heard in the ED outro to NHK’s Rekishi Hiwa Historia TV programme, as well as a documentary of the time the anisong group spent at Germany’s AnimagiC convention last year. The first-print edition will also come with a special photo book.

Apart from the new album, Kalafina also announced an entire slew of live performances that will take place between April and August.

The fun begins on April 6, which is the date Kalafina is scheduled to hold a one-day-only live at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. Entitled Kalafina “Consolation” Special LIVE 2013, the one-day live, meant to commemorate the release of Consolation, will be an affair similar to the one they did last year for their third album, After Eden.

In May, Kalafina will attend the Chicago Anime Central as guests of honour and to perform at the AKOO Theatre. The Chicago performance will be Kalafina’s third time performing in the US, after Houston and Los Angeles.

Thereafter, the anisong artiste will go on a nationwide-tour beginning in June, performing in concert halls as well as live houses in various parts of Japan, with a setlist featuring many of the songs from the Consolation album.

Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2013 “Consolation” HALL ver.
6月8日(土)・9日(日) 東京・中野サンプラザ
7月27日(土) 富山・高岡市民会館
8月3日(土) 大阪・大阪国際会議場(グランキューブ大阪)

Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2013 “Consolation” LIVE HOUSE ver.
6月22日(土)・23日(日) 名古屋・THE BOTOM LINE NAGOYA
6月29日(土)・30日(日) 福岡・DRUM LOGOS
7月4日(木) 東京・AKASAKA BLITZ
7月13日(土) 仙台・Rensa
7月15日(月・祝) 札幌・PENNY LANE24
7月20日(土)・21日(日) 広島・HIROSHIMA CLUB QUATTRO
7月28日(日) 新潟・NIIGATA LOTS

Prior to the news post published on their official blog earlier today, Kalafina also made the aforementioned announcements themselves “live”, directly to thousands of their fans yesterday at a concert held at the Shibuya O-East concert hall to commemorate the anisong group’s fifth anniversary (Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE “oblivious”).

The announcement of their fourth original album and the slew of live events yesterday were meant as a way to officially kick-start Kalafina’s sixth year as an artiste.

An abridged version of the Kalafina 5th Anniversary LIVE “oblivious” concert is scheduled to hit Japanese TV airwaves on March 13, beginning at 11PM JST (GMT+0900 hours), exclusively on Japanese cable channel WOWOW.

Kalafina’s first live album on DVD and Blu-Ray (5th Anniversary LIVE SELECTION 2009-2012) was released yesterday, and is available now at all good Japanese CD stores.

kalafina live album

Source: Kalafina Official Blog


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