Many KPP, or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans were guessing that the artiste and fashion celebrity was in town earlier this week to settle details for her upcoming Live Tour in Singapore, but that is not the case. 


Apparently, Kyary is also one of the hosts for a variety show in Japan called Catherine the Third, and her other 2 co-hosts were featured in a photo uploaded in her twitter account. Thus, it is highly speculated that the trio was in town to film and host a special segment in the variety show. Kyary commented “Catherine the Third in Singapore loca(tion)!” in her twitter photo post.

Although Kyary was in town for less than 2 days, she managed to dine local delicacies like cereal prawns, visit the world famous Night Safari, as well as lounging at Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark.

Source: Kyary’s Twitter page


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