Fire Emblem Awakening promotional art
Fans of the Fire Emblem series, you finally can put a dragon (or two) on you Nintendo 3DS. Literally.

With the launching of the eleventh original game of the Fire Emblem series on February 4, it will be released with a limited edition Nintendo 3DS, which is emblazoned with a stylish Fire Emblem artwork and with the game pre-installed. The bundle also comes with a 4GB SD card, with a suggested retail price of US$199.


Those not familiar with the series, Fire Emblem is a turn based tactical RPG, where the player must move their characters within a grid. The game involves moving characters into positions in order to attack the opposing enemy side, or defend against their attacks.
Battles are won by attacking the opposing side until all characters have lost all of their health points, before the same happens to the player’s side.

With Awakening, you will walk through the game with beautiful 3D visuals and movies. Get ready to expect not only a massive cast of characters, all with unique stories, different class types and skill sets, but also new gameplay mechanics.

From launch day onwards, additional maps will be available for purchase via online download. The first downloadable map will be free for a limited time and will be followed by additional maps on a weekly basis. Players will be able to access the downloadable content through the in-game world map.

If you can’t wait for the offical launch, you can try out a demo of the game in the Nintendo eShop on January 17.

For more info, please visit Fire Emblem Awakening’s website.



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