Its a good day to be a LiSA fan no matter where you are. Just as you enter your weary Wednesdays  it seems that the LiSA Official Goods Store is about to throw you a massive bone!

For a limited time, any official LiSA merchandise purchased off the site will come with an exclusive chance to own a Polaroid signed by LiSA herself!

You heard that right folks, ANY merchandise purchased from the official store no matter what item it may be will let you have the chance to own something priceless, at least in the eyes of any hardcore LiSA fan.

Currently the store only carries her trademark Towel, Tote-Bag, instu-kun socks and LiSANTA’s scented candle. But there is a bundle LiSANTA bag featured as well that gives you the chance to own any combination of the items mentioned above in addition to LiSA’s keychain and phone strap that can’t be purchased off the store individually. I would totally recommend the avid LiSA fan to go straight for the bundle at the moment before its too late! Of course, you need to have a credit or debit card for you to make any of the online purchases.

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Source: LiSA official facebook pageLiSA Official Goods Store



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