Max Factory Gon Freecss figma

Don’t you just find the versatility behind every figma amazing? And I’m pretty sure that figure collectors love how figmas can do a variety of poses.

If you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan, it’s time to rejoice because Max Factory’s upcoming figma is going to be one of HxH’s main characters: Gon Freecss.

As of writing this post, Good Smile Company hasn’t revealed the full details of the upcoming figure in their official site. But according to a tweet by Hunter x Hunter’s official Twitter account, this Gon Freecss figma is slated for release in June and will be priced at 3,500 JPY.

Gon Freecss figma

Gon Freecss figma2

The latest movie of the HxH franchise, Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge, premiered last January 12. Prior to its release in theatres, Banpresto held a Scarlet Eyes figure lottery to promote the film.

Sources: JEFusion and @hunter_anime


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