Most local gunpla builders are casual builders who simply snap build and display their creations. However, those who are more equipped with some basic skills  and tools such as sanding, spray cans and probably a basic airbrush set could try these tips out. Many Mobile Suits have a certain menacing flair when they are equipped with propellant tanks (other than the fact that theoretically they are able to move further and waste less fuel on transport than during battle). With this mod, you can spruce up your space-type mobile suits, or even multi-purpose suits! 


Beam saber poses always look cool. One just can’t settle with a normal beam saber provided in the Master Grade kits. To amp it up, pick up this useful tip to make your beam blades look even better.


The contrast of this modification owes no less due to the ability to separate the various parts just on 1 vernier, making paint jobs on it much easier (no more masking!)


Most of the hands provided by the stock kits have ugly looking fists that look rather dull. The HD hands series provides additional detail that will look great on any kit. Be sure to check on the scale and type of the HD hands you are getting for your kit!


Mentioned in most of the tutorials are what it seems to be a ‘gripper’. How do you obtain one? Well, there’s a cheap (and almost free) way to create your own.

Parts Gripper (makes 2)
Materials needed:
– 2 empty ballpoint pens
– 1 pair of disposable chopsticks
– Some masking tape, double-sided tape or foam tape
– Super glue (optional)

Step 1: remove the ink tube and pen nib from the ballpoint pen’s housing. Keep the pen housing.
Step 2: insert 1 of the chopsticks into the housing of the ballpoint pen. If the housing is too big, use super glue onto the chopsticks to fix it into place.
Step 3: Pull the masking tape, reverse it and wrap it around the pen housing. The masking tape will act as an adhesive surface for the ‘Gripper’.

You can easily find these items around your house, so go ahead and experiment with making your own tools!




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