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A DLC pack containing both of the Snow Miku 2013 modules (character skins) that Sega unveiled late last year for the PS Vita’s Project Diva f will be released on the Japanese PlayStation Store next Tuesday, February 5, to be sold for the price of 300 yen.

This is the third DLC pack for the PS Vita rhythm game. Will it come to Asia?

We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing that it likely will.

The first pack made it safely onto Asian shores PS Stores, but the second pack – featuring a collaboration between Sony’s PlayStation mascot cats Toro and Kuro, and Sega’s Hatsune Miku game – was sold exclusively on the Japanese store.

If the new pack is sold in Asian territories, we’re guessing that the prices for it in Singapore and Hong Kong are S$5.45 will be HK$34 respectively, based on the pricing structure set for the first DLC pack. Again, this is just speculation on our part, and we won’t know for sure until we check the PS Store on February 5 itself.


Project Diva f Additional Item Set Pack (free)

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Other than the release date for the Snow Miku 2013 DLC pack, Sega also announced today that a “Project Diva f Additional Item Set Pack” will be released for the Vita version of Project Diva on March 7, the same day that the PS3 port comes out.

This DLC pack is free to download, and will include the following customise and Edit Mode items:

  • Customise items (18 items; these are basically accessories for the head, back, arms, etc)
  • Special effects for use in Edit Mode (16 items)
  • 3D stages for use in Edit Mode (51 items)
  • 2D illustrations for use in Edit Mode (26 items)
  • Hand items for use in Edit mode (21 items; I think these are like poseable hands and fingers and such… can someone clarify in the comments?)
  • Dance motions for use in Edit mode (46 items)

In the PS3 version of the game, Sega has made some enhancements to the Edit Data mode, which allows creative players to make their own custom stages and promo videos for songs – and not just for the ones featured in-game; players can also transfer MP3 files of the songs they own digitally into the Vita, and create stages for those tunes.

And so in order to ensure that all of the new Edit Data files that players create in the PS3 version will be compatible with the Vita one, Sega has decided to release all of the extra content to Vita players for free.


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