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Revoltech maker Kaiyodo must have missed the note about February being a Winter month in Japan.

For the company is planning to release in February a set of five character straps themed after Kiyohhiko Azuma’s (Azumanga Daioh) manga series Yotsuba&, depicting protagonist Yotsuba Koiwai in all manners of apparels worn during Summer.

Or maybe that’s their strategy all along, to strike while the iron is hot the weather is still cold: Maybe fans of the comedy and slice-of-life manga are more likely to buy these Summer-themed Yotsuba& straps in Winter, so that it may serve as a portable source of warmth in the blistering cold. A pillar of strength that encourages the strap owner to hold out and bear the cold weather for just a little longer, for Summer is just around the corner (actually, no, Summer’s a long ways off).

In any case, Yotsuba’s cutesy appearance is bound to keep fans’ moods evergreen all year round, those fickle things we call “weather” and “season” be damned.

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Kaiyodo’s Yotsuba& strap mascots will go on sale in Japan starting February 15, for the price of 500 yen per box, or 6,000 yen for a case of 12 boxes.

Five designs are available, but which of the five you get from a single box is completely random.

Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り)

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T-shirt (Tシャツ)

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In the Rain (雨ふり)

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At the Beach (海水浴)

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Cicada Style (つくつくぼうし)

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