Studio Ghibli Zippo Lighter

Lo and behold! Studio Ghibli classics may be for the younger audiences but the renowned anime film studio has taken its merchandising strategies on a different level: having their anime feature films engraved on Zippo lighters. From old films to recent ones, a variety of designs are available online.

Now, it shouldn’t be a problem for Studio Ghibli’s co-founder Hayao Miyazaki—he is one hell of a chain smoker after all! In fact, he even reveals in an interview that his parents were heavy smokers and that he had his lungs checked only to find out that there were no problems.

Check out the different designs below:

Spirited Away Zippo Lighter

Princess Mononoke Zippo Lighter

Porco Rosso Zippo Lighter

Ponyo Zippo Lighter

My Neighbor Totoro Zippo Lighter

Laputa Zippo Lighter

Kikis Delivery Service Zippo Lighter

Howls Moving Castle Zippo Lighter

Not all fans of Studio Ghibli films are smokers, but with the sleek and elaborate designs of these merchandise, even non-smokers might just be enticed to purchase a lighter or two.

The prices of these Studio Ghibli Zippo lighters range from 100 USD to 210 USD.

Source: Crunchyroll


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