painted pcv 2013

Are your pockets ready for the upcoming figures this 2013?

The ones that will be shipped around the second half of the year are already available for pre-order. Others had just been revealed at the Wonder Festival held in Japan this past Sunday.

If you are fond of collecting PVC figures of popular anime characters, these are the ones that you might want to check out.

Max Factory’s Sheryl Nome

While people are experiencing the cold winter weather during the WonFes, Max Factory has revealed their hot figure: a 1/7 scaled Sheryl Nome PVC. This figure sculpted by Chieri was inspired by Sheryl’s sexy pose during her concert seen in the Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime movie. We have yet to hear about the release date of the Galactic Fairy’s upcoming figure.

Alter’s Saber Lily -Type Moon 10 Anniversary ver.-

Alter has exhibited two Saber figures at the WonFes. The one in bikini is not yet painted. On the other hand, the Saber Lily Dress Code 1/7 Complete Figure is already available for pre-order. This figure is so pretty, you might end up forgetting that she’s actually a “king”. Alter’s Saber Lily PVC was inspired by TYPE-MOON’s 10th anniversary illustration.

Figma Killua Zoldyck

The previously announced figma Gon Freecss finally has a companion! And just like the Gon figure, figma Killua Zoldyck will also be shipped in June. Pre-orders are already available. So if you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan, don’t miss these posable figures from Max Factory which allows you to recreate the scenes from the anime. Now, if only they’d make a Leorio and Kurapika versions, things would be more interesting, don’t you think?

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