AFA 2013 Survey

Attention avid attendees of the Anime Festival Asia!

The organizers are very eager to find out who’s hot among the anime fans. And they want to hear it directly from you!

So this 2013, they are giving fans a double treat. First, you can voice out your opinions for the next AFA event by telling them about your favorites (anime, seiyuus, artistes, etc.) through the AFA 2013 Survey found here. Second, the organizers are giving away a 300 SGD voucher which allows you to redeem concert tickets from the next event.

People from all ages are welcome to participate.

The organizers are just asking for a few things. Fill in all fields using the English alphabet (no kanji, no hiragana or katakana). You also need to make sure that the spelling of the titles and names are correct. For artistes, make sure you input their present stage name. Use Wikipedia to verify the information. You wouldn’t want your answer to be considered as void, would you? So check everything first before you hit that “Submit” button. Participants can list up to three favorites in each category.

The AFA 2013 Survey officially started today and will end on February 25. So hurry and fill out the online survey form before it’s too late!


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