BoA Only One mv

Korean pop princess BoA, who will be releasing a single after a long hiatus from the Japanese music market, finally reveals the full Only One music video.

After hearing about the “Only One Cocktail” campaign, I was expecting another coffee shop drama scene. However, we don’t see BoA acting with a guy in this music video, unlike its Korean version.

It showcases BoA emoting alone and then switches back and forth to her dance performance of the song that she wrote (in Korean, originally) and translated to Japanese herself.

Watching the video is enjoyable, nonetheless. We get to see BoA dancing to a melancholic tune with dynamic and impressive moves.

BoA’s upcoming Japanese single will be released on the 27th of this month. The single also includes another song that she wrote entitled The Shadow.

via @BoAtheKOREA


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