Japan International Contents Festival, also known as CoFesta, will be organizing a Manga Festival this month, and will be held from 15 February to 17 February. 

The Manga Festival consists of several components, mainly
– Keynote lectures
– Business matchmaking
– Autograph session
– Exhibition


Keynote Lectures
15/02/2013, 2pm – 6pm
Mandarin Orchard, Grand Mandarin Ballroom 1

The lectures will be held on the 15th at Mandarin Orchard, Grand Mandarin Ballroom 1 and will feature some of the leading figures of the manga industry. You can only apply one lecture per application; though you can apply thrice to go for all three lectures.

Scheduled tentatively at 2pm is Mr. Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, Chairman of Kadokawa group Holdings, Inc and he will speak on “Coming of age for Full-fledged e-book”. The chairman was originally the Vice President and founder of the former Media Works, before it combined with ASCII.

Mr. Yoshiaki Koga, India Project Director of Kodansha will touch on the business model of Suraj The Rising Star at 3.15pm.

Finally, Mr. Yarou Abe, author of Shinya Shokudo will speak on the development of comics in Asia via his manga together with Mr. Makoto Oshima and Mr. Nobutaka Hirooka, Producer of The Third Edotorial Division and Editorial Staff of “Big Comic Original’ magazine respectively. The lecture is scheduled to start at 4.30pm. Mr. Abe was nominated for the 2nd Manga Taisho Award in 2009 and won the 39th Japan Cartoonist Awards Grand Prize in 2010.


Business Matchmaking
15/02/2013, 6pm – 
Mandarin Orchard, Grand Mandarin Ballroom 2

The business matchmaking session is a good chance for many related media and TV broadcasting stations to discuss on future business liaisons. It will be held on the 15th at Mandarin Orchard, Grand Mandarin Ballroom 2 at 6pm.


Autograph session
16/02/2013, 1pm – 7pm
Books Kinokuniya Orchard

The autograph session will be held at Books Kinokuniya Orchard Branch, and will have the following authors and industry leaders to autograph your related items:
1:00pm – Mr. Yarou Abe, Manga artist (Shinya Shokudo) / Publisher: Shogakukan
2:30pm – Mr. Masayuki Ishikawa, Manga artist (Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture) Publisher: Kodansha
4:00pm – Mr. Mine Yoshizaki, Manga artist (Sgt. Frog – Keroro Gunso) Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
5:30pm – Mr. Hiroyuki Ito, President (Crypton Future Media Pte. Ltd) / Danny Choo, Producer (Culture Japan/ – Moderator


16/02/2013, 17/02/2013
10am – 10pm
The Art House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

There are 5 areas exhibited, featuring some experience corners; they are:
1 – “Comic 10 Social Recommended Comics ” Exhibition
About 400 of the newest and most popular manga displayed, spanning 60 titles with 20-30 visuals.

2 – E-Comics product showcase & experience corner
Experience reading popular manga digitally via 3 types of e-readers with about 20 units of e-readers exhibited. 

3 – Survey corner
Voice your opinions about the local manga piracy situation to the publishers themselves (souvenirs will be presented upon survey completion) 

4 – Anti-piracy & copyright message board
What do you think about the piracy situation with regards to manga? Leave a message here (supported by: CODA)

5 – Consumer Generated Media showcase
Showcasing and introducing examples of user generated content from Japan and its strength


For more updates and information, check out their official website.


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