digimon world re digitize decode

Namco Bandai Games and developer Tri-Crescendo’s 2012 PSP JRPG Digimon World Re:Digitize is getting an enhanced port to the Nintendo 3DS, a magazine scan leaked on the Net (the April issue of V Jump magazine, which goes on sale next Thursday in Japan) has revealed.

Called Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, the enhanced 3DS port’s volume is said to be enhanced greatly over its PSP predecessor. On top of the original’s storyline (亜生命体ヴィテイウム), there will be at least two new story chapters, entitled “The Lamentable X-Antibody” (慟哭のX抗体偏) “The Scheming Demon Lord” (策謀の魔王偏) respectively.

The Lamentable X-Antibody’s plot will revolve around Omegamon X-Antibody form.

No details on the the Scheming Demon Lord chapter were given – for that you’ll have to wait till the May issue of V Jump magazine is released to find out

Apart from the new story chapters, a large number of new Digimons – specifically those enhanced by X-Antibody (X抗体) – will also be added to the 3DS version.

In the magazine scan a new “Decode” system of powering up your Digimons was also briefly detailed. Every Digimon that you raise will now possess a Decode level due to your (the trainer’s) influence. The higher you raise this Decode level, the better stat gains your Digimon will get.

digimon re digitize decode

Here’s a PV for the PSP version of Digimon Re:Digitize:

Digimon Re:Digitize Decode for the 3DS is slated to be released in Japan sometime 2013.

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