Dragon Quest’s official homepage had streamed promotional videos for the remake of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden. The live-action commercials are titled “Town Square,” “The Mysterious Stone,” “The Adventure Begins,” and a 56-second web long version that combines the three titles together.

The live action ads features Prince Kiefer and Wolf boy Gabo, in their amusing attempts to shake off the red-headed ritual dancer, Aira.

Fans will remember Dragon Quest VII (or also known as Dragon Warriors in the North American release) for its huge game play, which can took hundreds of hours to complete. With the remake for the Nintendo 3DS, visible enemy encounters will be feature, instead of random encounters. Currently released only in Japan, Warriors of Eden will have brand-new 3D graphics, and players can wirelessly exchange art with each other using the StreetPass feature of the 3DS.


source: blog.esuteru.com, dragonquest.jp


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