On Valentine’s Day, Girls Und Panzer will be holding a promotional event known as the “Girls Und Panzer Valentine Carnival”. This will be held in Akihabara according to the official blog.

During that special day, there will be cosplayers dressed as Girls Und Panzer’s characters and will be distributing chocolate shaped filers to fans in front of Akihabara Gamers and Aniimate Akihabara. The special promotional cards comes in two different kinds of designs as shown below.

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Meanwhile, their mail order site, “Ankouya“, have an array of products for sale too. This includes a track jacket and tapestries of the Girls Und Panzer girls, so do check it out. Apparently pre-orders are for a limited time only.

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How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?

Source: Girls Und Panzer Official Blog