hatsune miku first movie opening theme

Hatsune Miku’s versatility is impressive. She’s been on ads and she’s even a racing queen! Now, her exposure has branched out to the Japanese movie industry.

The twin-tailed virtual diva gets selected to sing for Takashi Murakami’s first film, Mememe No Kurage. This marks the first time for Vocaloid Hatsune Miku to perform for a movie’s opening theme.

hatsune miku first movie opening theme - mememe no kurage

Miku’s Last Night, Good Night was selected for the film. This song produced by kz was released five years ago. Murakami specifically requested it as the theme song and it was rearranged especially for the movie.

The movie’s trailer was released last Friday and some parts of the song were included. Watch it here:

You can listen to the original version of the song here:

Mememe No Kurage (Jellyfish Eyes) is a fantasy film that centers on the friendship of an elementary school boy named Masashi and a bizarrely cute creature he names Kurage Bo. The movie premieres on April 26 in selected theatres in Japan.

Sources: Crunchyroll and Asian Wiki


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