the idolm@ster movie

The [email protected]. It started out as a pretty cool idea for a video game. Then came the anime (the one with robots in it). Then the manga. Then more games. More manga. And then another anime – a more literal take, this time without robots. Then three versions of the same game, with different original video animation episodes in them.

And now, the [email protected]r franchise is finally ready to take the next step forward in its quest to dominate all possible media formats.

Today at a “The [email protected] Music [email protected] of Winter” concert held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Namco Bandai Games’s Yozo Sakagami (the producer overseeing the entire [email protected] franchise) took the stage to announce that The [email protected] Movie, an anime film featuring a brand new storyline with never-before-seen aspects of the series characters fans know and love, is currently in production.

A promotion video for the movie was then shown at the event, revealing that A-1 Pictures, the studio behind the recent [email protected] anime series, is back to helm production on the movie.

The movie’s script will be co-written by Atsushi Nishigori and Tatsuya Takahashi. Nishigori will also be taking director and character design roles on the movie.

No other specifics on the movie were given. For more on the movie fans might want to pick up the next issue of Megami Magazine (on store shelves February 28), which will feature a one-on-one interview with the movie’s director Atsushi Nishigori.

Outside of the new anime film, Sakagami overall producer also teased that [email protected] fans can expect to see various other new developments for the game and anime franchise later in 2013.

the idolmaster movie key visual

制作:A-1 Pictures <CAST>
萩原雪歩:浅倉杏美/菊地 真:平田宏美
三浦あずさ:たかはし智秋/四条貴音:原 由実
我那覇 響:沼倉愛美/秋月律子:若林直美
社長:大塚芳忠 他

Source: Dengeki, Famitsu


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