kyary pamyu pamyu ninjyari ban ban 07

Harajuku pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s next single, entitled Ninjyari Ban Ban, is a song written specifically for a new commericial for Japanese telco au that will hit TV airwaves in Japan starting February 15.

Today the Japanese telco has uploaded a 30-second version of the TV spot on the Net. Take a look at it below:

The TV commercial was filmed at a special live concert held at Tokyo’s Doujouji (a Buddhist temple) on January 29 to commemorate Kyary’s 20th birthday.

Concert-goers were asked to participate in a slew of activities involving their smartphones, such as vigorously shaking it up and down to light up Tokyo Tower, and waving it around with an app that keeps the phone’s touchscreen lit up in a bright, neon colour – like a glow stick – as Kyary performed Ninjyari Ban Ban for the very first time.

Details on when Kyary’s new single will be released are due to be announced at a later date.

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