The manufacturer Furyu has revealed figures of Maki, Hanayo, and Rin, the first-year trio from the anime Love Live! School Idol Project.

love live makirinpana 463x500 New Love Live figures to be released in April

These 16cm figures will be distributed as arcade machine prizes throughout Japan starting this April.

The anime Love Live!, which began airing this past January, is centered around nine girls who form an idol group in order to save their school. Furyu already released figures of the second-year trio (Honoka, Kotori, and Umi) last month, and they are currently designing figures of the remaining third-year trio.

Along with the first-year trio, Furyu has revealed 10cm SD figures of Hanayo, Honoka, and Kotori, which will also be released this April.

love live chobirume1 500x283 New Love Live figures to be released in April

Source: Love Live Anime Official Website