Luna Sea kicks up a storm with its last leg of its concert tour in Singapore, with suitable weather to match. 

When LUNA SEA disbanded in the year 2000, many J-Rock fans were devastated. With the disbandment, the dream of seeing LUNA SEA perform live in Singapore was diminished as well. However, a glimmer of hope came on August 31 2010, when the band officially announced their reunion and announced their first concert tour for the first time in ten years.

Fast forward to 2012, LUNA SEA announced the aptly titled concert tour “The End of the Dream”. Besides touring in their native country, the band will also do an Asia tour to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok and finally on February 8 2013, their first ever concert in Singapore.

Singapore fans showed their love for LUNA SEA by going to the Star Theatre as early as 7am to start queuing for concert goods & merchandise. Local fans also took part in the fan activities organized by the local fan groups LUNA SEA Singapore Street Team and SLAVE Singapore. Many fans signed & left their messages on the specially prepared banners which were later presented to LUNA SEA personally at the concert.


Much like their concerts in Japan, English rock music was played through the PA system while fans eagerly awaited the start of the concert. At around 8pm, the music suddenly became louder and all fans stood up & cheered in excitement, as this was a sign that the concert was starting.  The lights were dimmed and LUNA SEA members walked on to the stage one by one and took their position.

LUNA SEA started the concert by performing LOVELESS, a fan favorite opening song which got the crowd going crazy.  Throughout the two hour concert, LUNA SEA performed many of their fan favorite hits such as End of Sorrow, True Blue and STORM. Each individual member also dazzled fans with their unique showmanship, with vocalist Ryuichi doing a captivating dance during the song Gravity and Guitarist Sugizo’s beautiful violin solo during the song Providence.


Even though this is the first time that LUNA SEA is performing at Singapore, the fans were really “high” as you could hear them singing along and doing the hand actions throughout the whole concert. Some of the highlights of the concert have got to be during the song ROSIER, where bassist J did his signature “Mic throw” after his rap. Drummer Shinya also did his signature Drum solo, which had fans shouting out his name whenever he hit the drums.

For their encore, LUNA SEA performed I FOR YOU, arguably one of their most famous song which was used as the theme song for the very popular drama God, Please Give me more Time. At the end of the concert, Guitarist Sugizo said to the audience that he promised LUNA SEA will come back again for another concert. If that wasn’t enough, he ended his speech with an “I LOVE YOU SINGAPORE” which made everyone go crazy.


With this concert, LUNA SEA certainly fulfilled the dreams of many fans.  It was truly “The End of the Dream”.

Credits: Photographers – Chen Jinfu, Peter Mcdonnell, More Than Good Hooks
Written by: Emerson Yang



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