Macross Crossover Live 30

Are you headed to Japan this July? If you’re a die-hard fan of the Macross franchise, then you might want to save up for a ticket to watch the “Macross Crossover Live 30” on July 13.

At the Tokyo Wonder Festival held yesterday, it has been announced that the musical mecha anime franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a concert featuring songs from various Macross series. A teaser ad was revealed on a break between the performances of Yoshiki Fukuyama and Haruka Chisuga (the contestant who won the 30th Anniversary Miss Macross idol search).

The concert will be staged at Halls 1 and 2 of the Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture. Performers will include:

  • Megumi Nakajima (Macross Frontier’s Ranka)
  • May’n (Sheryl’s singing voice in Macross Frontier)
  • Chie Kajiura (Mylene’s singing voice in Macross 7)
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama (provided Basara’s singing voice and guitar work in Macross 7)
  • Mari Iijima (Macross’ Minmay)
  • and more!

Macross Crossover Live 30 concert

The first batch of tickets will be given to the members of the Macross fan club in a raffle draw. Winners will be announced on March 3. Then on March 26, tickets will be offered by Joysound (a karaoke company in Japan). Advanced ticket sales will start on April 27 and regular ticket sales will commence on May 25.

Sources: Macross Live 30 Official Site and Macross World


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