Max Factory Belldandy With Holy Bell

I’m in awe, my goddess!

I always fall in a state of awe whenever I witness Belldandy’s kindness in Oh My Goddess! And now, I am getting the same feeling just by looking at the pictures of Max Factory’s Belldandy with Holy Bell figure.

This upcoming figure was originally a garage kit produced by Chieri (the sculptor behind the Sheryl Nome figure exhibited at the Wonder Festival last February 10) 16 years ago. The 1/10th scale PVC figure is based on an Oh My Goddess! illustration which was launched as a pinup poster.

From Holy Bell’s wings to Belldandy’s dress, the details are downright impressive. The gentle and lovely smile on Belldandy’s face does justice to her amiable character.

The figure is priced at 19,800 JPY (262 SGD). While it may be expensive, the artistry behind this magnificent and divine piece of art is truly worth it. And if I ever get the chance to buy it, I might even find myself staring at the heavenly expressions of Belldandy and Holy Bell to relax after putting in a hard day’s work.

Pre-orders for Max Factory’s Belldandy with Holy Bell figure will commence on February 22. This PVC figure release is a part of Max Factory’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Check it out at various angles:

Source: Mikatan’s Blog (English Version)


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