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JRPG maker Compile Heart, who just recently published the controversial PS Vita moe card battle game Monster Monpiece (that was met with an astounding sell-out success during its launch weekend in Japan), announced today that they’re about to launch yet another moe card battle game. This time sporting one of its hotter properties: Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Entitled Neptune Collection, the new card battle game app for iOS and Android devices (limited to devices launched in Japan only; also, not supported on Android tablets) will feature over 300 illustrated cards based on the popular JRPG and soon-to-be-anime series, and sees players finishing quests in order to raise the share value of the faction or world that they pick to be affiliated to.

Well, that and to collect cards with moe on them, of course.

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Other key features of the game include interacting with Hyperdimension Neptunia’s goddess characters in events, and changing the costumes worn by card characters by merging them cards together.

Players will also be able to equip goddess character avatars on card decks to power them up , and customise these goddess avatars to some extend.

Neptune Collection will be free to download and play – supported by optional paid content – when it’s released for smartphones later in February.

The game app will support Apple devices running iOS 4.3 and above, as well as Android devices (again, region-locked to those from Japan only) running firmware 2.3 and up.

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 Source: ネプテューヌコレクション


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