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Update: Universal Music Japan has shared a 15-second spot for the new music video.

Original story: Production work on the music video for Japanese techno-pop group Perfume’s 17th single, Mirai no Museum, has been finished.

The newly-minted MV, a computer-generated animation with the group’s members inserted via chroma-key, was shown today for the first time to the Japanese press. Hopefully that means we’ll get to see it on the Web any day now. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, Perfume fans may find it interesting to know that the music video – described as a collaboration with anime, which is said to be a first for a Perfume MV – does not feature any of the snappy dancing or choreography work that the Japanese techno-pop group is renowned for.

Instead, the video focuses purely on Perfume’s acting skills, as the unit’s members Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-chan), Ayano Omoto (Nocchi)  and Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka) play three “human-type robots” from the year 20XX who travel back in time to the 19XXs, where they meet a timid young box named “P-ta” (P太 in Japanese).

The trio takes P-ta out on an adventure, during which the boy discovers something important to him, and inadvertently changes his future fate for the better.

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The boy’s name “P-ta”, of course, is a reference to Perfume’s official fan club, PTA, as well as Nobita, the main character from Doraemon. Heck, the entire scenario itself is practically a parody of Doraemon which makes sense since Mirai no Museum is the theme song to the 2013 Doraemon movie, after all.

All of the acting in the music video had to be done in front of a bluescreen, since apart from the members and the actor playing P-ta, everything in the music video is CG animation, which Perfume says they hope has brought out a different side to them for fans to see.

“This time around there aren’t any dancing parts, so it’s focused entirely on us acting! Furthermore we’ve finally got lasers coming out of our eyes (laughs)!

“It’s the kind of development only possible since this [music video] is a collaboration with anime, so we think it’s really interesting, and that even kids might enjoy themselves watching the video. So please do look out for it!” the members of Perfume said.

Other highlights that fans can look forward to in the new MV include the appearance of the costume Perfume’s members wore back in their Spring of Life MV (released in April 2012), as well as the ESP ability they were depicted using in the MV for Spending all my time (August 2012).

Mirai no Museum‘s MV also ends with a cool comic book page-flipping visual effect that caps off with a shot of the book’s cover illustration – the very same one used for the single’s limited edition CD jacket.

perfume mirai no museum first print limited edition jacket

Perfume’s 17th single, Mirai no Museum, goes on sale on February 28 in Japan. For more details on the CD single, check out our previous story here.

Source: Oricon


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