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Fans of the visual novel Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo will get the chance to download hilarious, new scenarios on March 14.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, a game based on the anime and light novel series of the same name, was released this past St. Valentine’s Day for the PSP and PS Vita. The story revolves around the residents of Sakurasou, a run-down dormitory inhabited by quirky, yet talented problem children. In this game, the player controls Sorata Kanda on his quest to become a game designer while tending to Mashiro Shiina, a world-famous artist who can’t change her own clothes.

The DLC, entitled “Sakurasou’s Mysterious Panties”, will cost 630 yen and contain four fully-voiced episodes.

If you want a preview of this DLC, read on for a sneak preview of each episode.

Episode 1: Hauhau’s Ecchi Chase

One day, Tatebayashi and Saori (the former student council president and his girlfriend, who are actually obscure side characters) are walking through town when all of a sudden, a mysterious pair of panties falls from the sky…


Episode 2: Dragon’s Close Call with the Tomato

Ryuunosuke, the programming genius and shut-in, opens a letter from Rita saying, “I’m coming to Japan in a few days.” The message sends shivers down Ryuunosuke’s spine, while his jealous AI, Maid-chan, prepares for battle…


Episode 3: Mashiro’s Shocking Shopping

After arriving in Japan, Rita goes shopping with Mashiro and Sorata. Mashiro, in her typical fashion, asks Sorata to pick out her underwear…


Episode 4: Nanami’s Naked Snoop

Just when the residents of Sakurasou finish a project, Sorata’s little sister Yuuko visits their home, seeking Nanami’s mentorship…


Fans of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo can buy the game now. Complete strangers to the series can watch the anime, which is airing in Japan now.

Source: Dengeki Online


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