This renewal version of the original SD Sazabi released almost 14 years ago is back in a much attractive design. 

Granted that it is SD (short for Super Deformed), the proportions of this renewal Sazabi looks much better than the 1999 counterpart. According to Hobbysearch, this Sazabi will have an escape pod, very much like the actual Mobile Suit.  The monoeye is movable, allowing you to fiddle with a variety of menacing poses.

There’s even Funnel effect parts to simulate Funnel deployment from its container, as well as Beam Tomahawk effects. The funnel container supposedly has an opening mechanism, but no official images released for that part. The Beam Tomahawk can be stowed away into the shield. Unfortunately,  there is no mention of the beam saber parts or options available for the kit.

From the images, posability is typical for standard SD gunpla kits these days. It is especially similar to BB #303 Sangokuden Giga Taifu Shiba-i Sazabi in terms of posability and detailing. But of course, this updated variant looks stockier than its previous generations.

Serious kit builders will have some patching up to do. According to the images,  there are long seam lines along the legs and the back of the head. There are no other discernible seam lines, though.

The kit comes with the following accessories:
– Beam Shot Rifle
– Shield
– Beam Tomahawk
– Funnels
– Effect parts (Funnel deployment, Tomahawk beam)

The SD Sazabi Renewal is slated for a May 2013 release. Hobbysearch suggests shipments will arrive in Mid May.

Now, will Bandai release a renewal version of the Master Grade Sazabi, or a renewal version of the SD Nu Gundam? After all, the Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver. KA sold pretty well everywhere around the world (given the huge amount of kit builders showcasing their MG Nu works).

Source: Hobbysearch


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