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The Dreamcast, Saturn and Genesis (a.k.a. Mega Drive) consoles are long gone from the video gaming console market, but this year, Sega has decided to restore their former glory, in a cutting-edge way.

If you were not able to keep your good ol’ Sega console, you now have the chance to revive your happy memories of it. The Japanese multinational gaming company has licensed out its three consoles to be branded on laptops. Aside from the console-themed designs, laptops carrying the official Sega logo are also offered.

So how do the laptops look after the Sega makeover? Take a look!

sega themed laptops

sega themed laptop pc

Each design is available in different spec levels. Here are the prices:

  • Light Model – 99,750 JPY (1329.07 SGD)
  • Standard Model – 131,250 JPY (1748.78 SGD)
  • High Spec Model – 162,750 JPY (2168.48 SGD)
  • Premium Model – 194,250 JPY (2588.19 SGD)

See the specs of each Sega-themed laptop here. For a more Sega-ish feel, all laptop versions come with custom screen icons, wallpapers and sounds. Will the “Sega” chorus be included? I wonder.

Reservations have already started since February 3 and will end on March 31.

Sega has expressed interest to launch laptop versions of its consoles two years ago. Now that the plan has been realized, are you getting one?

Source: Ebten via Kotaku


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