Mark your calendars, Steins;Gate anime fans! The Blu-ray and DVD complete box sets of the critically-acclaimed anime series will be released on March 27. Hit the jump to find out what sort of mad scientist-ty goodies are contained within.


The DVD box set will cost 18,900 yen, whereas the Blu-ray box set will cost 39,900 yen.

Both sets come in a box with a front and back surface illustrated by huke, the original character designer of Steins;Gate. Both sets also include nine discs containing:

  • All twenty-four episodes of the anime
  • An unaired episode titled “The Rampant Poliomania”
  • Creditless versions of the opening and ending animations

The Blu-ray set also includes:

  • “The Invisible Realm’s Akashic Records”, a two-hundred-page illustration booklet
  • A recording of “Operation: Gift Bringer”, the press event held on October 23, 2011, featuring the cast of the anime


Source: Dengeki Online


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