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Unlike Namco Bandai’s Tiger & Bunny: On-Air Jack, D3 Publisher’s Hero’s Day lets you pick to play as any of the anime series’ eight protagonists.

At the moment it’s not confirmed if each character in the game will have his or her own individual ending, but at the very least, the game’s developer have confirmed that Hero’s Day will feature multiple endings – depending on the choices you make throughout the adventure.

Choices in Hero’s Day largely falls under two categories: adventure part choices, and time-limited “Battle Choices”.

Note that just because it’s called Battle Choices, doesn’t mean that a fight against a supervillain will break out right after you make a choice (although there are those as well). For the most part, these time-limited choices are so-called because they’re a battle against time.

Here’s an example of each.

Adventure-part choices

adventure part choice 01

In the images you see above, Antonio Lopez (Rock Bison) has some time to kill, and is deciding whether to go hang out with Kotetsu (Wild Tiger), or to go meet up with Fire Emblem.

Things don’t always go as planned in Hero’s Day, however, so if you picked to go spend time with Kotetsu, what happens is that Antonio ends up calling Agnes Joubert, producer for Hero TV, by mistake.

Suffice to say, if you’re a fan who has to know everything about your favourite characters in Tiger & Bunny, you’d want to play through each character’s scenario multiple times to see and learn everything.


Battle choices

battle choices 01

Battle choices are a little more complicated than the regular type. In some events, up to four possible responses will be listed on the screen while a timer is counting down, and it’s up to you to find the right answer to potentially diffuse a complicated situation.

For instance, in the screenshots you see above, Kotetsu had apparently made a promise to his daughter Kaede the night before, but he can’t remember what the promise was, when Kaede reminds him about it the very next day.

At this point, the following four choices appear on the screen:

  • Which promise was that?
  • Crap, I didn’t think Kaede would actually remember it.
  • Ask about Kaede’s mood today
  • Ah, I drank a little too much yesterday, huh…

To be honest, in this case I don’t see how things could go well for Kotetsu regardless of which option he picks. I guess the right option here would probably be to admit that Kotetsu forgot about it (so probably the first option).

In any case, two screenshots depict what Kaede’s responses to this scenario might be, depending on what you pick:

  • … What kind of an excuse is that?
  • … So this is how you’re plan on hoodwinking me into thinking you remember, huh?



Outside of the main game itself, Tiger & Bunny: Hero’s Day will also come loaded with oodles of fanservice.

One prime example of fanservice here is something that the game’s developer is calling “eyecatch”. These are boot-up loading sequences that feature character illustrations along with a meaningful voice message from the character depicted, that changes depending on what time it is when you start up the game.

eyecatch 01

(Condition: have not played the game for over two weeks) Yo, it’s sure been a while huh? How’ve you been


eyecatch 02

(Early afternoon) What, there’s a small test today? I didn’t hear about it… what do I do now?!


eyecatch 03

(Winter) Heroes don’t need to whine that the weather is cold or that they might lose under such cold conditions. If you don’t like it, it’s okay if you quit, you know?


eyecatch 04

(Morning) …….Mor…….ni…….ne?

Tiger & Bunny: Hero’s Day comes out for the PSP March 20 in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer


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