Valvrave The Liberator is set to become an awesome anime production by Sunrise this coming April, with J-pop and Anison heavyweights performing for the anime’s opening and ending themes. 

T.M. Revolution and Nana Mizuki are set to perform Valvrave’s opening theme, titled “Preserved Roses”.

Previously catering to the Anison crowd, Mizuki Nana has been made mainstream due to her involvement in Music Japan as the program’s narrator as well as the prestigious Red-White song battle held in Japan every new year’s eve. Her popularity is unmatched both in the Anison and the J-pop music scene, frequently hitting the top 5 single and album sales on Oricon’s weekly charts. The King Records artiste has performed in numerous live concerts within Japan, and a mainstay in the largest Anison concert in Japan, also known as Animelo Summer Live, or Anisama Live for short. Mizuki Nana is also an established voice actress, with her most popular role as Fate T. Harlaown in the hit anime series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

T.M. Revolution has previously performed at Singapore’s largest anime convention, Anime Festival Asia last year. The flamboyant Takanori Nishikawa belted out numerous classic anime songs, from Gundam SEED to Rurouni Kenshin, and even Sengoku BASARA. Another artiste known to top Oricon’s weekly charts in single and album sales, T.M. Revolution will be having a new nationwide tour in Japan this coming June, and will last all the way till early September.

The ending themes are no slouch either.


Enigmatic Anison duo angela will be performing for the anime’s first ending theme “Boku ja Nai“, and beautiful songstress ELISA will sing for the second ending theme; yet to be titled, unfortunately.

Having performed in Singapore for quite a number of times, angela performed for top anime production K for its opening theme “KINGS”. Consists of vocalist atsuko and guitarist katsu, angela performed numerous theme songs for many other anime titles such as Uchuu no Stellvia, Sokyuu no Fafner, Heroic Age, Shikabane-hime and Asura Cryin’.

ELISA’s breakthrough song “euphoric field” was for ef-a tale of memories opening theme. The former model is well known for her tall stature, angelic looks and vocals, and has also sang for Hayate no Gotoku.

There has been no release date for any of the theme songs as of press time, but we reckon that it will be within the next week or so.




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