Tamako Market Stress Ball

Anime fans can soon alleviate stress, Tamako-style.

How? By using the relaxation ball included with the first volume release of Tamako Market. This bonus item takes the form of the Kitashirakawa household’s bread and butter, which is none other than the mochi.

Tamako Market Blu-ray Stress Ball

Both DVD and Blu-ray releases come with this squishy, stress-relieving item. However, it is exclusively offered by AmiAmi. Pre-orders for the Blu-ray release have already started. On the other hand, the DVD release is currently listed as a tentative pre-order (which means that the availability of the item is still uncertain). The DVD and Blu-ray cost 6,300 JPY (85 SGD) and 7,140 JPY (96 SGD), respectively. Both will be shipped around late March.

The mochi delights sold by Tamako’s family looks delicious indeed. By the way, do the young ones in your household watch Tamako Market? If you do order the first volume from AmiAmi and finally obtain this mochi relaxation ball along with it, don’t let the kids chew on it, okay?

Source: AmiAmi via Crunchyroll


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