Dragon Ball Z stop motion animation

For YouTube user Counter656 (Dali Taichung aka John Huang in real life), action figures are more than just for display in his room—they can be as dynamic as originally seen in their respective anime series.

You don’t believe me? Then here are some videos created and released by Counter656 Productions:

My personal favorite: Gundams getting owned by Fate series’ Saber

For these videos, Huang uses figures that are highly interchangeable and poseable (usually, the ones from S.H.Figuarts) and Photoshop. A multitude of still photos are edited and special effects are added. The final result is an impressive battle scene of character/mecha figures.

Currently, Counter656 Productions is holding its “2013 Most Wanted Stop Motion” video survey. Visit Huang’s blog and vote for your favorite character (poll is located on the left side of the page). The most voted character will be prioritized for his next set of projects (just so you know, Dragon Ball characters are leading the poll).

Want to see more stop motion animation videos from Counter656 Productions? Head over to their Official YouTube channel!

Sources: RocketNews24 and Counter656 Productions


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