Final Fantasy X HD first preview

About two years ago, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy X is getting a remake on the PlayStation Vita. Since then, they’ve been silent on the developments of the game for Sony’s latest handheld console.

Finally, we get to see the fruits of their labour through a video preview. Watch it here:

The video doesn’t reveal much, except for the two main leads, Tidus and Yuna (with Bahamut and Yojimbo behind them). The video zooms in to Yuna’s face, allowing you to see a smoother character texture.

The official release date of Final Fantasy X HD was not disclosed in this video. So gamers who plan to re-enjoy the whole adventure on their PS Vita will have to hold on a bit longer. Who knows? Maybe something will be revealed at the press event by Sony.

And if you are planning to get Vita and play this FFX remake, you might want to wait for the handheld’s price drop, which is happening soon as Sony has announced.


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