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Ayana Taketatsu is well known for her voice acting roles (Kirino from OreImo, Azusa from K-ON!), but she has been making her name known in the music world, as well. One year after her solo debut, she is coming out with her first album.

Taketatsu’s album, titled apple symphony, will include songs from her first three singles and eleven new songs. It will also come in three editions for casual listeners and hardcore fans alike. In addition to the album, Taketatsu will perform in her first solo concert on her birthday, June 23. Each copy of this album will include a lottery ticket for a chance to win a ticket to the event.

A picture and description of each edition of apple symphony are listed below.


The special edition will cost 6,300 yen and include:

  • Exclusive packaging
  • A postcard collection and booklet
  • A DVD containing extra footage and video clips of two new songs
  • A lottery ticket to win entry to Taketatsu’s upcoming solo concert


The first-run limited edition will cost 3,675 yen and include:

  • A DVD including video clips of two new songs
  • A lottery ticket to win entry to Taketatsu’s upcoming solo concert


The normal edition will cost 3,150 yen and come with only the CD and a lottery ticket to Taketatsu’s upcoming solo concert.

You can also check out the tracklist below. Although many different artists have written songs for Taketatsu, this time, she tries her own hand at writing with the song “Raisu tu Mi–Tu–“, which she co-wrote with Kanako Katou.

  1. apple symphony
  2. Raisu tu Mi–Tu–
  3. Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!
  4. Yes-No
  5. G.I.W.
  6. Drive My Car
  7. CANDY LOVE <album mix>
  8. Nananananba–wan
  9. Eburidei Meri– Kurisumasu
  10. HIKARI
  11. the colored apple
  12. Haru ga Kimi wo Kirei ni Shita
  13. ♪ no Kuni no Alice
  14. Jikuu Tours
  15. Rhythm to Melody no Tame no Ballad

Taketatsu’s album won’t come out until April 10, but if you want a dose of her now, you can visit her website or listen to this promotion given directly by her.

Source: Natalie, Ayana Taketatsu’s website


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