Bandai revealed plans for a Real Grade GP01 release last month. This month, it is known that Hobby Japan released information on the Full Vernian mode. 


Many gunpla fans rejoice upon its announcement, when fans were hoping for a  Full Vernian version for the GP01 to be included.  According to the article,  the GP01 and the GP01FB will release separately, but will be on sale on the same day. GP01FB’s naming is due to the Japanese-English wording of the term “Full Vernier”.


GP01 Zephyranthes is part of a Gundam prototype project created by Anaheim Electronics during Universal Century 0083, a timeline with a 13 part OVA series. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory is an Original Video Animation released in 1991, and its mechanical designs were worked by Shoji Kawamori of Macross fame, and Hajime Katoki, who worked on many Mobile Suit designs (and re-designs) throughout the Gundam Universe. The Gp01 is originally designed by Shoji Kawamori, but the Real Grade kit design has references to Hajime Katoki’s works.



I am certain that the release of the RG GP01FB will boost sales of the Bandai’s System Weapons 003, which includes highly detailed parts for GP01, which has the option also turn it into long range beam rifle. The Real Grade GP01 and the GP01FB Zephyranthes will be released this coming July. Both will retail for 2625 yen (after tax).

From CyberGundam blog via Gundamguy


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