One Piece manga dining plates

Can’t draw your own manga? No worries!

Shueisha’s online store Mekke! has found a way on how to easily create a simple manga. All you need to do is creatively position your food on their One Piece-themed dining plates.

These plates come in two designs. Both dishes have the sound effect “Don” (ドン), which Eiichiro Oda frequently uses in the One Piece manga.

One design makes you place your viand at the center of the plate to make it look like the characters are going “wow” over it.

The other design is more amazing. You need to cut your food item into two pieces and put them separately on the plate. That way, it would seem like Zoro was the one who cut the food into half.

One Piece manga dishes

Both items are priced at 1,600 JPY (20.92 SGD) and will ship in late April. Reservations for these One Piece-themed plates have already commenced.

Japan truly has extraordinary ideas when it comes to creating manga—you don’t even have to draw them yourself! Recently, a special  website inspired by Perfume’s manga-themed music video, Mirai no Museum, was launched. This website gives you the chance to recreate a scene from the MV using your own script.

Mekke! via Japan Otaku Channel


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