Twenty Twenty

We’ve seen lots of female Japanese idol groups with an incredible member count. Guys, of course, are going gaga over them because of their sweet and innocent image, amplified by the large number of group members.

Now, I’d bet girls would definitely love to see the other side of the coin—a unit with an incredible number of cute and handsome boys. And guess what? It may become a reality in the year 2020!

Twenty Twenty Johnny and Associates

During the JOHNNY’S World Thanksgiving press conference, Johnny H. Kitagawa has announced about the formation of a 40-member group. Furthermore, the boys’ debut is planned in the 2020 Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo. According to the Johnny & Associates President, this was something that was decided during the latter part of 2012.

Twenty・Twenty is the name given to the group which was formed out of the 700 Johnny & Associates trainees (a.k.a. Johnny’s Jrs.). This unit will be divided into two teams with members ranging from ages seven to 20 years old.

Further information about the group will be disclosed during the “JOHNNY’S World” play to be held at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo this December.

This will be a long wait for female J-pop fans. Still, are you looking forward to the Twenty・Twenty’s debut?

Source: JE News Daily


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