Tiger and Bunny The Rising second trailer

In the previous trailer for Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, we saw a scene of what appears to be the final days of Sternbild City. Now that the second trailer has been streamed, viewers are presented with the “legend” of Sternbild City fully narrated in English.

Watch the latest trailer below:

With the destruction of Sternbild City shown in the first trailer plus the “goddess” who decides to “return everything to nothingness” mentioned in this video, the fans of the sponsored superheroes will surely wonder about what’s going to happen in the movie’s main setting as well as what will become of the Kotetsu-Barnaby duo.

Tiger & Bunny: The Rising will offer a brand new story which will serve as the sequel to the anime series. Unfortunately, the latest video still does not reveal when exactly this anime film is coming out. Just like the first trailer, it only mentions autumn 2013.

Are you excited for the second movie?

via Crunchyroll


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