There’s only one week left until Disgaea D2 hits stores in Japan, but if you want an early glimpse of the incoming mayhem, be sure to watch the game’s opening animation here.

Ten years have passed since Nippon Ichi Software released Disgaea, the first installment of their long-running strategy-RPG series. Now, in the upcoming Disgaea D2, the characters of the original game are back and looking better than ever, as you can tell by the opening animation below. Accompanying the animation is the song Cradle Over, performed by the voice actress Minori Chihara and composed by NIS’s longtime composer Tenpei Sato.

The story of Disgaea D2 takes place after Laharl takes the role as the Overlord of the Netherworld. Without warning, beautiful Celestial flowers begin blooming throughout the Netherworld — and beautiful flowers don’t belong in the Netherworld. When a group of demons blames Laharl and tries to overthrow him, he sets out to show them who’s boss.

Disgaea D2 will be released in Japan on March 20. As you can tell by the advertisement at the end of the video, there will be a limited edition package with two Flonne and Etna nendroids, a hardcover illustration book, and two soundtrack CDs. People who pre-order the game will also get a PSN code unlocking alternative costumes. For those of you waiting overseas, the game will be released in English this fall.

Source: Dengeki


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