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The autograph session held at Bugis+ yesterday (March 15; check out our video highlights here) wouldn’t begin until 7.30PM at the earliest. Yet, just to make sure that they would be amongst the first to go up on stage and get their copy of Scandal’s Encore Show album signed by their idols, some fans turned up at the venue hours before.

Such was the case for a group of three friends – Aiman (20), Abigail (19), and Richard (20) – who showed up as early as 3PM in the afternoon to wait, way before the crowds would gather at the level 2 Atrium in Bugis+.

“We were probably not the first Scandal fans to arrive, but we were really lucky because we just happened to be stationed near the entrance to the queue when the lines for the audition session started forming,” Abigail said.

The trio had been fans of the Japanese pop rock girls band since about four years ago. As this was not the first time they had shown up at an autograph session for the group, the three friends had a good idea of what to expect; in fact, one of them, Aiman, was also amongst the first in line at a previous Scandal autograph session here in Singapore, two years ago.

Still, if you thought that showing up for an autograph session just three or four hours before its scheduled time of commencement doesn’t sound very hardcore for groupie behaviour, that’s because it isn’t — the autograph session was just a small prelude to the main event.

Other Scandal fans that SGCafe spoke to included a group of members from the Singapore-based unofficial fan club cum forum, Scandal Heaven – true hardcore Scandal groupies who had something planned right after the autograph session.

“Later (right after the autograph session), all the hardcore Scandal fans will be heading down to *Scape, you might want to come and check it out,” Sean Tan, 24, a civil servant and a member of Scandal Heaven, an unofficial fan club based here in Singapore, told SGCafe.

Why’s that, I asked. What’s happening there tonight? This was about 8.30PM on Friday evening, so the concert at *Scape wouldn’t take place until slightly less than 24 hours from the time I spoke to Sean.

“Yeah, the concert’s tomorrow, but some guys I know are going to start queueing tonight. As the concert is free standing, the earlier you queue, the closer you get to stand to the actual performance at the concert,” Sean explained.

Other members of the fan club that SGCafe spoke to also mentioned that many of them are going for both the Saturday and Sunday shows.

“They [Scandal] are the strongest girls band in Japan – in the world, I think!” added Desmond Yong, 33, a service engineer and another esteemed member of the fan club.

“I don’t think there are any other bands who are all-girls, and who can play as well as them!”

Photos: Desmond Kok


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