Pixar-animated Studio Ghibli character

The world-renowned Studio Ghibli sticks to the traditional techniques in the creation of their anime films despite the advancements in computer animation technology. But what if Hayao Miyazaki suddenly decides to collaborate with Pixar? What would Ghibli characters look like?

We all know that a collaboration is unlikely, considering that Miyazaki himself stated that Studio Ghibli will continue to deliver hand-drawn animation to its audiences (this is based from an interview I saw in a program by NHK).  Regardless, there are tickled minds that cannot be stopped.

ZBrushCentral forum member d8Ds took on the “hardcore modeling challenge”. What exactly did this artist do? He remodeled My Neighbor Totoro’s Mei.

See a Pixar-ish Mei with a variety of cute and adorable expressions:

via Kotaku


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