Miss Universe Japan 2013

I seriously thought that being a beauty queen and a mangaka were polar opposites, but I was dead wrong.

Japan’s representative for the Miss Universe 2013 pageant is Yukimi Matsuo, a model and a mangaka. And you know what her ambition is should she be crowned? It’s to spread the love for manga to the entire world (wow, it almost sounds like the world domination plot we usually see in anime, manga and games).

Miss Universe Japan2

Now, I know some of you are already curious about the manga works she’s done. Unfortunately, Matsuo has yet to publish her work. One of her works did get selected by a website but because she was chosen as Japan’s representative, it would have to wait until the pageant is over.

The Japanese beauty queen grew up expressing herself with drawings rather than words. She has been modeling for 8 years and is doing manga as her side project. Matsuo relates that she likes guys who also love reading manga. Just like the typical female manga fan, her ideal man is also an anime-slash-manga character—Hunter x Hunter’s Leorio Paladinight.

So will manga take over the world through a beauty queen? That we’ll have to find out.

UPDATE: See some samples of Matsuo’s amazing artwork here.

Sources: Crunchyroll and Critical Beauty


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