Here’s some good news for fans of high school comedies and/or kendo. The next manga from the author of Bamboo Blade and Bamboo Blade B, appropriately titled “Bamboo Blade C” has been announced.

The latest issue of Big Gangan Monthly has announced that the magazine will serialize Bamboo Blade C starting in the next issue, which will be released on May 25. Although no details on the story have been revealed, Bamboo Blade C is the third manga from Masahiro Totsuka themed around kendo (a Japanese martial art using bamboo swords, hence the title). It will be drawn by Jingu Takao, the creator of Oshie Syllabus.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bamboo Blade, one of the manga’s charms is its combination of intense kendo matches and lighthearted high school comedy elements. It was drawn by Aguri Igarashi and published from 2004 to 2010. There was also an anime adaptation that aired in 2007.


in 2009, Totsuka started the manga Bamboo Blade B, a spin-off of Bamboo Blade drawn by Studio Neko and still being serialized in Monthly Shounen Gangan.


Those of you who are curious can read the first two Bamboo Blade manga now, while fans of the series can look forward to the next kendo comedy.

Source: Mantan-Web


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