Danny Choo, producer of the worldwide TV series “Culture Japan” and Director of, has announced his collaboration with Japanese hobby maker Good Smile Company to release  “Moekanji” – a set of 87 illustrated cards to help individuals learn first grade Japanese Kanji which include the “On” and “Kun” readings written in Hiragana.


Moekanji is the second product in the “Moe” learning series and follows on from the hit product “Moekana” which teaches individuals the basic Japanese syllabary Hiragana. Even though Moekana was aimed at non Japanese to learn Hiragana, Moekana became the 2nd best selling anime product in the Amazon Japan sales rankings.

The Moekanji cards feature the mascots of Culture Japan which include “Mirai Suenaga” and characters of the TV show and website “Culture Japan” and are illustrated by the Japanese illustrator Ikkyuu. Moekanji also has collaboration cards which include the Nitroplus mascot character Super Sonico.

Pre-orders are open for Moekanji which retails for 2500 yen and is due to be released at the end of May 2013.

Danny is also collaborating with Japanese online Hobby Retailer AmiAmi where a Kanji Wallscroll will be given away with all pre-orders taken at AmiAmi.


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