It came as a shock among the gaming industry when Kotaku reported their decision to shut down LucasArts earlier today. 

The sister company to LucasFilms, practically all of its 150-strong staff were laid off, with the studio’s projects Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313 canned. While there is a chance where the projects might be picked up by another publisher, Kotaku’s sources thought that this route was “unlikely”. It was really unfortunate too, especially when  Star Wars 1313 looked spectacular in its E3 trailer release last year.

How would the staff survive? Who would hire them now? SGCafe lists down the routes that they can potentially take from here on:

  1. Teach – Probably the safest and most common decision. Most of the game illustrators, designers and programmers in the studio would have had high quality degrees or portfolio behind them. Most universities would be glad to accept them into their roles into future game developers.
  2. Join – The second alternative that comes to mind. Joining other studios with similar backgrounds. Programmers, designers and the marketing department may have an easier trying to dive back into the gaming industry, but the illustrators and concept artists might have slightly more difficult time finding a job they would be satisfied working in due to the difference in art direction. A few developers and studios we felt would be most suitable are probably Rockstar games.
  3. East – It might be a good time to spice up the Japanese gaming industry with their presence and experience. But the catch would be to quell these gaming companies and their strict rules on hiring foreigners. However, we remembered that Kojima Productions is looking to hire senior gaming programmers and designers. Heck, maybe even the mobile gaming side would be interesting to tap into their talents.
  4. Write – Journalism would be a great way to tap onto their industry network, especially its marketing department. Or vent off steam on their predicament  like how Gametrailers’ Annoyed Gamer does it.
  5. Switch – There’s a chance that some of its employees are looking for a chance to quit their jobs and do their dream jobs, yet can’t bear to leave due to whatever reasons. Well, here’s a very good chance for them to do a completely different job that they are used to, perhaps starting their own business or something.
  6. Recharge – Holidaying seems like a good pick-me-up after you’ve been told to bugger off. Recharge and re-think your options, not before you contact your industry buddies if there are any openings within their company.
  7. Solo – Start your own gaming firm with your colleagues, just like many other gaming studios out there who have done the same thing. A great chance to start producing their own My Little Pony third person adventure game, perhaps? (we kid.) 

What do you think LucasArts staff should do from here on? Which company should they join, and what sort of new projects do you think they can create?

Source: Kotaku


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