Following the recent announcement of it’s scheduled July airing, Gin no Saji TV Anime’s official website has started to reveal the character designs of it’s main characters.

Characters whose designs have been revealed so far are Hachiken Yugo (八軒 勇吾), the main protagonist of the manga. Mikage Aki (御影 アキ), a cheerful first year equestrian club member who is very enthusiastic about horses. Komaba Ichirou (駒場 一郎), a skilled baseball player who wishes to become a professional ball player. Tokiwa Keiji (常盤 恵次), Yugo’s close friend who has a tendency to get himself into trouble. Inada Tamako (稲田 多摩子), a rich classmate whose family runs a large industrial farm. Aikawa Shinnosuke (相川 進之介), Yugo’s friend who wishes to become a veterinarian.

Gin no Saji TV Anime will begin airing in July on Fuji TV’s noitamina time slot.

Source : Yaraon!Gin no Saji Anime


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